OUTLOOK 2016: Checking and Changing Email Configurations

31 Mar OUTLOOK 2016: Checking and Changing Email Configurations

1) Go to your HOME screen and click on Account Settings

1) Choose the email account in question and click on CHANGE

3) Ensure that everything on your settings screen matches below for your appropriate POP3 or IMAP settings.

User name: *your email address*
Password: *your password*

Account Type: Whatever you have it set to already (POP3 or IMAP)
Incoming Server: pass94.dizinc.com
Outgoing Server: pass94.dizinc.com


Once you ensure your incoming and outgoing mailserver settings are correct, click on MORE SETTINGS


4) Please ensure that your SERVER PORT NUMBERS are correct.


  • If it is an IMAP account, set port to 993
  • If it is a POP3 account, set port to 995


  • SMTP Port: 465 (applicable to either POP3 or IMAP accounts).


5) Click on OK and you will return to the previous window and hit NEXT. It will attempt to verify your settings and should let you know that all is in working order and you should be set!