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Rio Grande Angus
Rio Grande Angus is located 22 miles southwest of Beaverlodge or 6 miles west of Rio Grande, along the Red Willow River Valley and the beginning of the Foothills into the Rockies. Their goal is to produce cows with great udders who are good milk...
Reid Angus
Reid Angus is a first generation, family owned & operated purebred Black Angus cattle operation. They are located in the scenic foothills northwest of Calgary, Alberta.  
Richmond Ranch
Richmond Ranch is a Family based operation out of Rumsey AB. Jim & Stephanie Richmond, alongside daughters Tiffany and Samantha raise purebred Limousin and Angus Cattle. The herd consists of approximately 300 head.  
Rednex Mechanix
Rednex Mechanix is your licensed red seal heavy duty mechanic offering service and repair inspections, maintenance and rebuilds for various industries.  
Red Cow Relocators
Red Cow Relocators began their association with the Red Angus breed in 1978 in the show and sale cattle preparation business. During this time they fell in love with the breed and developed an appreciation for Red Angus cattle and all of their qualities. Throughout...
Rawes Ranches
Rawes Ranches is dedicated to the development and production of high quality Charolais bulls that meet the needs of cattlemen across North America. They offer two year old charolais bulls that have been bred and raised at home from the largest registered “ONE IRON” Charolais...
Fairland Cattle Company
Fairland Cattle Co. is located at Penhold AB. Dusty and Sara Howell along with their three children, Lilly, Sadee, and Reed operate Fairland Cattle Co. They run 100 cows which are predominantly black angus. Their focus is raising top quality prospect steers and heifers that...
Thackeray Gelbvieh
Wayne and myself have marketed bulls together for some 13 years as partners in the Prairie Gelbvieh Alliance sale. But as things have evolved we decided to try something that will work both for our customers as well as ourselves. Many producers have moved their...
RancHER Designs
RancHER Designs is committed to providing print media and promotional solutions to showcase your operation.  
Monster Fitness
Monster Fitness started with the core belief that no matter your physical fitness level, appearance, or size you should always feel welcome and comfortable the moment you step into the gym. Here at Monster we focus on facilitating family fitness and instilling healthy routines into...
Hein Cattle Company
Hein Cattle Co. is a family owned business in Northern Iowa that raises Purebred Red Angus Cattle along with corn, soybean and alfalfa ground. As a breeder, tey have a moderately-sized cattle herd where they know each individual cow and can explain their pedigree in-depth....
Edie Creek Angus
Located 20 miles East of Winnipeg, Edie Creek Angus is your source for affordable performance tested, forage-efficient herdsires. They sell Two-year old bulls so that they can develop them properly without pushing them. Edie Creek Angus Genetics are bred for profitability, not extreme EPD traits....
Delay Energy Services
Deley Energy Services Inc. services contracts for the oil and gas, mining, agricultural, municipal, recreational, industrial, and construction sectors throughout lberta, and Eastern British Columbia.  
Bow Valley Genetics
Bow Valley Genetics offers complete embryo collection and transfer services on farm or at our donor centre. We provide owners use semen collection at our facility. At the bull stud we produce export qualified semen, in our new industry leading facility.  
Brackel Ridge Cattle Company
Brackel Ridge Cattle Company is a family-run farm that raises Red Angus seed stock. Using purchased semen of old school and present day bulls, they have used A.I. and embryo transferring to make superior females focusing on maternal, longevity, growth and carcass traits.
Delar Cattle & Quarter Horses
Delar Cattle and Quarter Horses is a family run operation that has been raising quality Angus Cattle and Cutting Horses for over 30 years. They believe that Quality outweighs Quantity when raising seed stock genetics under a very strict culling program. They have an extensive...
Damar Farms
Damar Farms is dedicated in producing seedstock to fit both the commercial producer as well as the purebred producers. They have been in the Red Angus business for 12 years and run registered purebred Red Angus cows, Simmental cows both purebred and percentage and Commercial...
Crossfield Agencies
Crossfield Agencies is the Independently owned and operated Insurance Brokerage in Crossfield, Alberta, Canada and offers a wide variety of insurance products to protect what is important, at a competitive price.  
Foothills Retreat
Foothills Retreat is and executive vacation home located in the foothills of the Rockies. This is a beautifully furnished and maintained executive home on a cattle ranch at the base of the rockies. Ideal for a group that wants to stay near Castle Mountain ski...
Complete Exteriors
Complete Exteriors is a full service residential, commercial and institutional exterior contractor. We offer highly experienced installation, sales and service of a wide variety of materials and finishing.  
Alberta Portable Cabins
Alberta Portable Cabins is your leading source for portable cabin and barns. We manufacture a state-of-the-art line to serve the varied needs of our customers. We are also equipped for custom-made cabins and barns to meet more specific client needs.  
Prairie Livestock
Prairie Livestock is a bonded livestock dealer located in Moosomin, Sk. They are pleased to be your trusted source for feeder and stocker cattle. As one of the largest dealers in the area, they attend up to 9 sales each week, every week as part...
Alberta Shorthorn Association
The Alberta Shorthorn Association is a group of Shorthorn Breeders who work together to produce and promote the Shorthorn Breed of cattle through their youth, themselves and their association.  
Alta Exports
Alta Exports International offers full service import & export consulting and delivers high quality Canadian livestock, genetics, technology and equipment to the internationally.  
AQHRA – Alberta Quarter Horse Racing Association
The Alberta Quarter Horse Racing Association promotes Quarter Horse Racing through the encouragement of breeding and ownership, as well as track development. Inaugurated in 1968, Quarter Horses have been competing in Alberta since 1957, beginning at the Millarville racetrack
Bar 4A Cattle Company
Bar 4A Cattle Co. is a family owned and operated cattle ranch that raise both black and red angus cattle. Located in the peace country North West of Grande Prairie, their focus is to raise top quality bulls with the commercial man in mind. Their...
Bar Heart J Heart Angus
Bar Heart Angus is a Purebred Black Angus operation with it counterpart, J Heart Angus, being a Purebred Red Angus operation.
Bar-H Land & Cattle Co.
Bar-H Land & Cattle Co. is a third gerneration family-owned farming and ranching operation that breeds close to 300 Hereford and Black Angus females.
Canadian Salers – Salers Association of Canada
The Salers Association of Canada is recognized as the official breed registry for Salers Cattle in Canada. The Association is guided by a group of dedicated, innovative and influential Canadian beef producers who see Salers Genetics as the key to maintaining a balanced approach to...
HD Ranching
HD Ranching, which has been in operation since 2009, currently runs a 100% purebred black angus herd, while offering other services along the side. HD Ranching’s goal for their cattle to sell themselves. They are ranch-raised bulls that do not get pampered! They work for...
Heart of the Valley Farms
Heart of the Valley Farms takes pride in raising high standard breed stock. Their cattle are raised and fed with the intention of becoming breeders in your herds, to let their genetics prove their worth, and to have the ability to work in the very...
Hodge Ranch
Hodge Ranch is a sustainable livestock operation working in harmony with Mother Nature. They raise naturally-fed cattle without the use of pesticides, added growth hormones, or antibiotics.  
Jana Keeley
There’s definitely something different about the alluring Jana Keeley. A singer-songwriter who stops you in your tracks, she invites you into her life through her music and her introspective observations..  
JAS Red Angus
JAS Red Angus carries a prominent Red Angus herd and is continually expanding their genetics through the extensive use of AI and embryo work.  
JSS Angus
J Square S Angus is a family owned and operated mixed farming operation. They are currently farming 3000 acres of crop land and 50 purebred Black Angus cows. They are great angus enthusiasts and take great pride in their herd.  
Jenkins Ranche
Raising Hereford cattle that meet the demands of today’s livestock industry, with a focus on maternal strength, optimal performance, and strong carcass traits.
K-Cow Ranch
K-Cow Ranch was established in 1999 and has been raising purebred Polled Herefords since 1990. They presently calve out about 200 head of purebreds, consisting of Polled Hereford, Charolais and Black Angus seedstock.
Lazy MC Angus
Lazy MC Angus is a family owned and operated quality Purebred Red & Black Angus ranch, providing genetics that are consistent and sound.
Little Fort Herefords
Little Fort Herefords strive to produce top quality, rugged and predictable Hereford bulls for the Ranchers. Their herd has been built through 70 years of rigorous selection, performance testing, and the extensive use of ET and AI.
Lonesome Dove Ranch
Lonesome Dove Ranch is a family-run ranch located in southwest Saskatchewan near Ponteix raising purebred and commercial Gelbvieh cattle, working ranch horses and Border Collie dogs.
Lost Lake Ranch
Owned and operated by Woody Kumpula and Teri Manning, Lost Lake Ranch (LLR) is situated 2.5 hours NE of Edmonton, in the small hamlet of Rich Lake. With a mutual drive to produce quality animals they have built a herd of 90 registered cows, as...
Magnum Trailer Sales
Magnum Trailer Sales Ltd was established in 1996 by Phil Dennis and has been serving customers all over North America for close to 15 years. Magnum offers a variety of trailers for sale including horse, stock, living quarters, flat deck, cargo, utility, race car, sled,...
Mustang Trailers
Mustang Trailers Ltd has the best built steel stock and stock/combo trailers in North America, also offering a full line of horse, stock flatdeck, and recreational, bumper pull or gooseneck, trailers.
NHD Simmentals / Room2Grow
NHD Simmentals/Room2Grow’s operation includes their Purebred Simmental cattle business as well as their garden, U-Pick and greenhouse operation during the summer.
PCWESA (Pincher Creek Women’s Emergency Service Association) is a registered non-profit organization that provides free safe shelter and support services for women and children who are fleeing from domestic violence in Southwestern Alberta.
Pincher Creek Emergency Services
Pincher Creek Emergency Services’ primary goal fire prevention and education. Their main role in the Pincher Creek community is fire suppression, rescue, and emergency medical services.
Pitchfork Quarter Horses
Pitchfork Ranching Quarter Horses have been breeding Quarter Horses for over twenty-five years with an expanding breeding program where versatility, soundness, cow sense and good disposition are promoted.
Precision Woodcraft
Precision Woodcraft specializes in cabinetry and architectural wood work and are experienced in tackling the most challenging custom projects.
Ranch Hand Business Solutions
Ranch Hand Business Solutions (RHBS) is a sole proprietor Virtual Assistant business owned and operated by Charlotte Johnson that officially launch in June 2011! We offer innovative and cost effective administrative solutions for small businesses including the agriculture industry.
Rednex Ranch
Rednex Ranch is a family owned and operated ranch that raises polled Hereford cattle and offers agri-tourism experiences to those wanting a taste of the country.
Redskye Gallery
Red Skye Gallery’s George Shaw has put his passion for photography to work in capturing the skies of southern Alberta and the old farmsteads and buildings that represent the history of this land.
Rich Red Angus
RICH RED ANGUS is a family owned and operated farming operation that specializes in the development of high quality, influential, Red Angus seed stock. In 1984 we purchased our first Red Angus females at the Iowa Beef Expo. After that, we purchased our first Red...
Rodgers Red Angus
Rodgers Red Angus operates a quality Red Angus herd that is raised with minimal input, producing seed stock that are “Range Raised for Range Use”.
Sandy Bar Angus
Sandy Bar Angus strives to raise Angus with calving ease, thickness, good hair, cattle with eye appeal, and performance. The herd consists of over 400 registered black Angus cows, plus a select group of commercial heifers that are also bred each year. The Sandy Bar...
Sheidaghan Angus
Sheidaghan Anghus believes that better cows make better bulls. Their mission is to consistently produce the best seed stock possible and that cattle must be able to function and be productive in an environment of extremes. Their overall program aims at genetics that are consistent...
Skywest Land & Cattle
Sky West Land and Cattle resides just west of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. Our operation consists of 140 purebred and full blood Salers cows, 25 Black Angus cows, and 60 commercial cows. Our family has raised Salers cattle for 37 years.
Spittalburn Farms
Spittalburn Farms is a mixed farming operation located in Saskatchewan near the village of Perdue. Situated in the roling landscape between the Eagle Hills and the Bear Hills, they produce cereal, pulse and oilseed crops while maintaining a herd of 120 Registered Red Angus cows.
Spruce View Angus
Spruce View Angus Ranch is a family-owned operation committed to providing top quality purebred Black Angus cattle to enhance your breeding needs. They are dedicated in producing premium Angus cattle as they strongly believe that the quality of their breed impacts the quality of their...
Stauffer Ranches
Stauffer Ranches raises black angus cattle in Fort Macleod, Alberta. They believe in performance bulls with lots of maternal, plus calving ease for heifers and strive to raise cattle that are low maintenance and highly productive.
Stewart Cattle Company
Stewart Cattle Company raises competitive, high quality purebred Black Angus and commercial black herd and has an extensive embryo transplant program.
Twin Butte Simmentals
Ulrich Hereford Ranch is located in Southwestern Alberta, Canada “Where the Wheatlands meet the Range”. They specialize in purebred horned Hereford bulls, cows and heifers.
Ulrich Herefords
Ulrich Hereford Ranch is located in Southwestern Alberta, Canada “Where the Wheatlands meet the Range”. They specialize in purebred horned Hereford bulls, cows and heifers.
Vee Tee Angus
Vee Tee Angus ia a fifth generation farm and ranch operation that includes a 6000 head feedlot, a 1500 head cow herd, 3000 acres of farming and a livestock order buying business. Not the small family farm that it was 100 years ago, but a...
Vikse Family Farm
Vikse Family Farm is a Purebred Red Angus cattle operation that is run and operated by a family that has always been passionate about the cattle they raise.
Walnut Springs Farms
Walnut Springs Farms have been breeding Red Angus cattle for over 12 years and prides themselves on upholding high quality selection and breeding standards.
Wildhorse Leather
Wildhorse Leather produces some of the finest hand crafted, custom leather products available. No corners are cut and the workmanship is second to none.
YV Ranch
YV Ranch was started in 2005 with a passion in breeding moderate and thick hereford bulls on the strength of their cow herd.