Coyote Publishing is a design agency based in Canada with clients all over North Amercia! We offer a host of creative services including web design and development, branding and logo design, print and catalogue design and social media marketing.


Although we specialize in the cattle industry, we have clients in many different industries and there is no limit with us when it comes to functional, creative design. We would be happy to help your business succeed in its marketing presence.



Jana Keeley, Owner/Operator

Coyote Publishing was originally started by Sid Leavitt who specialized in print catalogue marketing for the agricultural industry, and then expanded in 2005 to include a web division when Sid’s daughter, Jana Keeley, came on board.


Sid is slowly easing into retirement but still does a number of the catalogues during the busy Spring bull sale run (from Arizona!). Jana is now the owner of Coyote Publishing and has managed the incredible growth of the company during the past ten years. What started with a couple of websites using the very basic web technology available, has now expanded to the vast portfolio Coyote Publishing represents as well as the host of marketing services that we offer.


Much of the company success is due to the creative team and our lead designer Cheryl Duval. After receiving a Marketing Degree from UBC and working as a freelance contractor, Cheryl joined Coyote Publishing in 2007 and has enjoyed the creative challenges that the company growth has provided for her. Cheryl is unfailingly cheerful, a wellspring of creative ideas and a pleasure to work with!


Steve Tompkins joined Coyote Publishing in 2012 on a part-time basis to assist with Sales and Marketing.  His experience, connections and knowledge as a former Red Angus Breeder is a valuable asset to our company.


In 2015 Layla Didmon, a strategic big picture thinker, joined the creative team at Coyote Publishing to help expand our ever growing business. Layla brings well over fifteen years experience as a creative, visual designer and small business manager and is currently spending her time getting to know our valued clients and learning more about the agricultural industry.


We wish to thank all of our clients for your encouragement, patience, loyalty and continued support through the years. Working with you all makes what we do truly enjoyable and look forward to helping you grow your businesses for years to come!